Why I Am Running

I've worked hard for and remain committed to preserving the values and ideas that have made Greenwich one of the top places to live in the United States. It’s important for development in our neighborhood to unfold commensurate to our environmental and conservation needs and with careful consideration and respect for our town’s history. It's paramount to give continuity to the fiscal policies that have made this a great and attractive community. I've boldly stood up for Chickahominy and will continue serving you with a firm sense of vision for our neighborhood and its incredible potential.

In Greenwich, it's important to preserve the fiscal policies and economic principles that have made the community successful: we can't take what has made us great for granted.

In Chickahominy, I see three priorities: 

  • Growth: Managing development and its impact on density, excessive paving, parking abuse, traffic congestion, environmental deterioration and reversing the resulting diminishment in quality of life

  • Education: making sure our town government is as invested in schools on our side of town

  • Economic Development: securing a plan and vision for economic development that is specific to our neighborhood.