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  • Empower local stakeholders:

    As the son of educators, my commitment to academic excellence is a priority. Greenwich has historically set a standard for the rest of the state - we have achieved excellence with robust local parent, teacher, and administrator input. 

  • Bridle State and Federal Overreach:

    Federal and state mandates and policies that displace local decision-making in education are a major concern. I will endeavor to refocus Hartford's efforts into appropriately returning tax dollars to Greenwich so we can continue providing exceptional public education and empowering parents with the most ample choices for their children's academic journey. 


  • Given the diminishing role that the American Rescue Plan Act is playing on our path to economic recovery, and given the challenges we already faced before COVID struck, it is imperative that we find solutions to help families manage a burgeoning cost of living. Connecticut has some of the highest taxes in the country and our state assembly has done the minimum to reduce our tax burden, cut spending, and reallocate resources to address rising costs and diminishing protections for families in the state. I will work in Hartford to ensure we rebalance our approach to address these issues.


  • Connecticut's Police Accountability Act was passed in haste, without public scrutiny, and with insufficient input from citizens, stakeholders, and law enforcement personnel. We must revisit this act and initiate a new discussion on all issues related to public safety with new voices that boast the appropriate experience and knowledge in that space. 

  • As a member of the Army National Guard with a background in intelligence work, civil liberties have always been a primary concern. We must balance our approach to law enforcement to ensure we are protecting civil liberties while making sure potential and current law enforcement personnel are afforded adequate protections, equipment, and incentives to deliver the best work possible. Crime is on the rise in Connecticut and we need to address this matter with urgency. 

  • Connecticut has seen a rise in crime. A good part of our economy is intertwined with New York City's, where crime is rising at an alarming rate. Addressing law enforcement in our state is paramount to protecting our citizens from this growing danger. 


  • The more revenue Connecticut generates, the more it raises taxes: any tax cuts are finite, short-lived and yet we keep adding larger, more permanent expenses. I will work hard to re-balance this undisciplined approach in Hartford. 

  • Connecticut boasts the second highest tax rates in the country. Personal income tax and property taxes need to be reassessed to cultivate a more reasonable cost of living and provide families with more ample room to invest in their priorities. Our tax policy should be based on different priorities, incentivizing productivity, entrepreneurship, and opportunity. 

  • Fairfield County and Greenwich have historically paid a disproportionate amount of taxes in this state: our representation in Hartford comes at a much higher price than for many other communities and we are overdue for changes that will re-balance this impact on Greenwich taxpayers while at the same time cultivating ideas and policies that will grow our economy and entrepreneurship across the state. 


  • We all know people who cannot afford to retire here - we need to make Connecticut a better place for seniors to live, be close to their families, and access the great cultural assets our state offers in conjunction with our proximity to New York City and Boston. 

  • Healthcare costs. As costs for care and insurance goes up, many seniors remain on a fixed income and that rising cost is crushing. We need to make every effort to reduce these costs and also need to make sure any tax deductions for medical expenses at the federal level are matched by tax deductions at the state level.

  • Seniors need to get regular exercise and proper nutrition. Walking and vitamin supplements are helpful: the state should help incentivize these goals in our elderly community. 

  • Financial Security: high prices take a particularly heavy toll on seniors; it is paramount that we reduce cost of living for all Connecticut residents and that those improvements are cast with a wide net that will secure improvements for seniors. 

  • Transportation:. Seniors can't get around as they get older, they can't drive and often get left alone in their homes which increases isolation. There are resources and groups in place that can help seniors in these areas. We need to cultivate volunteerism to look into the most significant issues facing seniors from the best and brightest this state has: CEOs, elder care experts, state-run facility counselorss - and seniors themselves.

  • We put together a plan to tackle theses problems with card and compassion and make Connecticut a model state for providing the dignity, respect and help to our grandparents and their friends.

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