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Connecticut residents face tremendous financial pressure through the toxic combination of runaway inflation, decades of tax increases, and bad policies from statehouse Democrats. The cost of living is untenable, and residents deserve robust tax relief that would include reducing middle class income tax rates, reducing gas taxes and eliminating the Democrats’ truck tax that will further increase the costs of food, goods and services.


Democrats have watered down our state’s criminal justice system under the banner of progress. It’s clear their policies have failed, yet they’re unwilling to change course—choosing to push ahead with legislation designed to give criminals the softest landing possible while making life more difficult for victims, law enforcement officers and the communities they protect. Republicans will undo the Democrat-enacted barriers police face when performing their duties, while ensuring that criminals are held responsible for their actions and that victims’ voices are again being heard and respected.


Parents are the first teachers for their children and they, not politicians and government bureaucrats, have the ultimate responsibility for their kids. Connecticut needs a “families first act” to ensure they are front and center when it comes to decisions about their family’s education and healthcare. We will make sure their voice is heard in developing new government policies and decisions that will not place undue stress on families.


State government working to preserve—if not grow—itself isn’t new, but the severity of the problem was laid bare by the pandemic as residents who needed government agencies lost faith in bureaucrats who went missing on key issues such as unemployment claims and dizzying school quarantine rules that kept kids out of the classroom and parents out of work. Republicans will demand that someone answer the phone when you call your government for help, reopening state agencies and buildings while also preventing the Executive Branch from encroaching on the duties required of state representatives and senators—your voices at the Capitol. Republicans will not only audit how billions in federal pandemic aid has been spent; we will hold government bureaucrats accountable by demanding data and results-based metrics in budgetary and policy decisions. Republicans will shred the favoritism and cronyism that’s taken hold of the state government while fighting to protect the integrity of our election process.


Who better to decide what’s best for our cities and towns than the men and women who are locally elected to lead them? Democrats at the Capitol think they know better how your town should be run, favoring the agendas of lobbyists and professional advocates over the concerns of citizens who say the majority party’s progressive ideas on planning and zoning, taxation and forced state mandates of schools lack common sense. We’ll fight to protect local control in all areas of municipal governance, ensuring local property taxpayers have the loudest, most influential voice on issues that affect the very fabric of their community.

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